Request your Academic as well as Professional performance analysis

You can enhance your overall performance with the information extracted with our robust well tested algorithms

True reflection of your performance with robust algorithms

Accrediate enable any School or College to effectively analyze their student information and provides a wide variety of pre built subject areas, dashboards, reports, and metrics based on different dimensions of student information such as test and results information.

Many institutions have a wealth of data—but turning that data into useable information requires intelligent management of metrics and attributes. Our analytical reporting application that helps colleges and universities apply data rules, aggregations, and algorithms to create reports based on data


An effective assessment task is one which assesses individual attainment of the learning outcomes. Unit learning outcomes represented by the quantified data are what individual is expected to know, understand or be able to do in order to be successful in academics as well as professional career. One begin with an action and describe something observable and measurable

ACCREDIATEprovides assessment which is concerned with the whole learning process, i.e. the achievement of pursued aims regarding knowledge and skills as well as the development of such cooperation and social skills. Much more you will get to know about your SELF assessment from this platform.


ACCREDIATE provides strategic guidance and technology systems for users wishing to analyze the key information areas of their behaviour and improve overall organisational performance. This self assessment of an Individual helps the organisation HR to do the planing and execution according to the skill the employee possess and get the maximum productivity out of the professionals

The performance ranking provided by ACCREDIATE allow students to prepare their personal study plans. The main purpose of the plan is to provide an aid for planning the studies and controlling the progress of the studies. The study plan may include study objectives and timetables set by the student, as well as plans for elective or international studies, work placement/clinical practice and the pursued occupation.

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